Watch out for some payday loan sites

Beware Online Payday Loans Sites

Since the UK economy is heading in a downwards spiral, more and more people are turning to Payday Loans in their financial need. This presents an opportunity for the wrong side of the community to bank a lot of money from the unsuspecting public.

How to make money in the payday loan niche?

Hackers will attempt to spread an infected file or script that the intended victim must upload to his or her website. Once they do this the hacker has full control of this persons website. The idea now is to add hidden links on the website which link back to the payday loan site. If the hacker can get enough of these links they will shoot up the rankings for certain keywords and appear in the top 10 of the search results. Anyone who ranks in the top 10 for payday loans could make $10,000+ per day just on affiliate commission, so you can see why this is such an attractive ploy these people use.

How can you spot this?

There is one simple way to spot if the site you are looking at does any form of hacking like this. When you search for your main keyword such as payday loans, if you look at the search results you will see the image below. Highlighted in red is what you should look at

payday loan

You will see the site URL of the site that is shown in the listings. If you click on this URL you can watch in the in the URL address bar of your browser that the site goes to another URL than shown automatically. This means the hacker has used a throw away site to rank which diverts traffic to the affiliate payday loan company.

This is how you can tell if the site you visiting is genuine or not.

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